Some Important Garment Care Guidelines

All garments are meant for wearing, yet not all the garments we wear will need just one type of cleaning method. Different garments require different cleaning processes. Some can be washed in a washing machine, others through hand washing while others are supposed to be dry cleaned.

To know how your clothes can be washed, you need to read, understand, and perform the cleaning instructions indicated in the label of the garment. You can make your life easier by utilizing dry cleaning services and cloth washing services in New Jersey.

garment washing

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Suppose it is written on the label that the garment should only be washed by hand. You should not think of washing clothes even with a gentle cycle in the washing machine if you don't want to take the risk of damaging your garments.

Washing your clothes means removing dirt and soil using detergent, water, and a gentle manual squeeze. A gentle cycle in the machine is a means of removing dirt through detergent, water, slow stirring, and reduced spinning in the washing machine. 

If the label states that your clothes should only be washed by hand, washing of a gentle cycle machine is still inappropriate, even if you put the clothes inside a trap. The purpose of laundry only is to reduce potential friction in cleaning.

There are times when clothes can be stained with ink such as if your child inserts a ball pen inside the pocket of the cloth and the ink is applied to the clothes. Ink stains can be difficult to remove with detergent and water alone. Using water and hair spray can remove some stains that effectively remove ink spots.