How to Find a Real Estate Agent?

So you've decided to sell your home, your biggest asset. And naturally, you want the best price possible regardless of what type of market the real estate industry is currently experiencing. You can get the best service of a real estate agent in Ivanhoe via

It's important for you to find the right person to sell your home on your behalf. That means you're looking for a highly skilled negotiator.

This is my step-by-step guide on finding the perfect real estate agent from a home seller's point of view who's been through this process numerous times.

Here's an example of what qualities we were seeking in a real estate agent after interviewing numerous to sell our acreage property in Gold Coast Hinterland, Wongawallan:

a) Honest – someone who is upfront and straight down the line, no fluff.

b) Prompt/Punctual – someone who responds fairly quickly with any of your or potential buyers' queries. Efficient.

c) Understanding – someone who understands you and your goal.

Don't be afraid to state quite plainly what you seek in your seller's agent. Be impressed if a seller's agent asks you what do you seek? Bonus points for this guy!

  •  Millionaire Mindset

By this I mean get educated so you know what you're talking about prior to approaching any real estate agents. Do some research on your area and gather some statistics as well as find out current properties listed, what price they're asking, etc.