Use Of Infrared Light Therapy For Pain Relief

Light Therapy is a non-drug and noninvasive way of healing, and for that reason, helping in pain relief. Pain is the main linkage between your body and the mind.

Using this technology for pain relief is far better than hiding it with pain killers or balms. Painkillers and creams are useful for only a brief period, as you didn't hit the pain from its origin. To know about medicine for pain relief you can visit

Which Technology is Used for Pain Relief?

Infrared (IR) is the most widely used form of light therapy to lessen the pain. Low-Intensity Laser Therapy is a type of Infrared light used on more concentrated remedies.

Research contacted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proved that these technologies are effective in treating aching joints and muscle pain temporarily. The technology also aids in muscle relaxation and the increasing flow of blood.

History of Light Therapy for Pain Relief

For centuries, this technology was in use, even if the user did not know the concept behind it. In the ancient world, the light was known as a distinctive factor and termed as a giver of life.

In today's world, Niels was the very first expert to study how light operation could be of help. In 1903, he developed the first device that created artificial light and used it to cure various health conditions.

The entire idea behind infrared treatment for pain relief is that infrared light penetrates the skin without damaging it. It's been proven with evidence which infrared red light once it penetrates the skin to the body, it excites the functioning of mitochondria.